Entry Title: "In search of green"
Riddhima Singh Bhati

Age: 13 Years
Country: India

Entry Description:

I captured this shepherd moving with his herd in search of a green pasture in a small village of Sirohi in Rajasthan, the southern part of India. This part of Rajasthan is badly affected by intense heat wave and dryness because of decrease precipitation.The anticipated rise in temperature between 2.3 and 4.8 degree centigrade over the entire country due to Climate change poses formidable challenge to the development of livestock in India. Animal husbandry is an integral component of more than two-third of the low income rural population in India. Climate changes is likely to aggravate the heat stress in dairy animals adversely affecting their productive and reproductive performance and hence reducing the total area where high yielding dairy cattle can be economically reared
This predicted negative impact of climate change on Indian agriculture would also adversely affect livestock production and due to urbanization and conversion of waste land for agriculture, grazing lands are shrinking dramatically and impacting the feed and fodder scarcity.