Climate Change Youth Photo Competition

Thank you for your submissions 

The selected images will be displayed at the 7th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP22 in Marrakesh

The Addressing Climate Change Youth Photography Competition has been created to showcase the vision of the youth on the key question of climate change through photography.

Competition through the Eyes of the future custodians of our planet

The various categories will touch upon all aspects of our planet from its inhabitants, humans, and animals, to an all rounded view of nature and how the world is moving towards renewable energy.

The competition is open to all children (7-18 year old) from around the world.
This will give an exceptional opportunity to cover all continents, cultures and breaking down all barriers to bring the youth generation together into this essential debate for the future preservation of our planet.

The competition will run from COP21 in Paris until COP22 in Marrakech. An exhibition of the best photographs will be curated by the Lucie Foundation to be displayed within the United Nations blue zone – the zone where all the activities of the event take place during the COP events.